VAPING 911 at the National Conference on Tobacco or Health
by Sarah Damien
August 30, 2019

As one of the tobacco control premier conference, the National Conference on Tobacco or Health (NCTOH) is the perfect venue to showcase the QuitDoc Foundation’s Vaping 911 Program. Vaping 911 representatives, Sarah Damien and Kristina Zachry, traveled to the conference to present on the programs’ findings and achievements.

Attending the conference is, in a word, motivational. The NCTOH goal is to help improve and sustain the effectiveness and reach of tobacco control programs and activities. But the result is so much more. The conference inspires all in attendance, putting forth new ideas, insights, and programs into tobacco education, prevention, and intervention. The NCTOH is an important forum for those in the tobacco control community to exchange ideas and renew our commitment to the movement.

QuitDoc representatives Sarah Damien (L) and Kristina Zachry (R).

One of those new programs and ideas is the Vaping 911 program. Piloted in Marion County through a grant by the Marion County Hospital District, Vaping 911 is an educational series designed to inform youth of the new dangers presented by the tobacco industry in the form of new and innovative products like JUUL, iQOS, Sourin, and other electronic nicotine delivery devices. Tobacco prevention specialists have been searching for a program to address youth’s uniformed perspectives on the “relative harm” and “safety” of these devices.

We believe in a world not only where cigarettes are a thing of the past but a world where nicotine addiction and the lasting brain changes caused by addiction are a thing of the past for all future generations. This is why presenting Vaping 911 to the hundreds in attendance was a key next step in growing the program’s reach. Attendees from all over the map held the same frustration: the growing popularity of Electronic Cigarettes and Vape devices are setting back years of progress and effort in tobacco control. Which is why so many people showed an interest in a successful educational program in a small community in Florida.

QuitDoc will continue to raise awareness of the vaping issue and promote Vaping 911 as a way to address the growing problem on Nicotine Addiction amongst youth. If you would like to know more about the program view the poster and more about Vaping 911 at