Back to School Bash Swings in the School Year
July 28, 2018

The school year in Ocala has opened with a bash for 5 years in row, a Back to School Bash put on by the Children’s Alliance of Marion County. The Tobacco Free Partnership was a proud sponsor this year helping them aid 950 youth in school preparedness.  Additionally, youth received dental cleanings, free meals, and even health screenings. The event also included a boutique that first opened with last year’s bash offering free clothing and hygiene products to families, and this year served 125 of them.

The Tobacco Free Partnership was in attendance during the event, helping to educate youth on the dangers of tobacco use, and providing information to adults who may be interested in making a quit attempt. Tobacco is never an easy subject to talk about with those who are current tobacco users, especially when their kids are nearby, but being that most want to quit, the attendees are always interested in learning the real cost of tobacco and tips on making a successful quit attempt. According to the Center for Disease Control, 70% of tobacco users actively want to quit using, and only 1 in 10 of quit attempts are successful. While the Back to School Bash is a youth and family event, it is often the adults to go home with the most tobacco knowledge. Tobacco will grasp its user with a powerful grip and quitting, like anything that is worth achieving, takes practice. The average number of quit attempts can range from 10-15 times before one is successful. So, if you, like some of the families at this event, have an addiction to tobacco and have little ones in your life that motivate you to quit, keep practicing and remember that the small steps will get you there.

If you would like more information on the QuitDoc Foundation, or the Tobacco Prevention Program, please contact Tobacco Prevention Specialist Lauren Fischer at 352.598.8241 or