Sharing the Message: QuitDoc Foundation and the Cancer Alliance Present to Local Chamber of Commerce
By Sarah Damien, Marion County Community Health Advocate
May 15, 2018

The QuitDoc Foundation has been part of the Cancer Alliance of Marion County (CAMC), participating in the efforts to help the community in the battle against cancer. While CAMC helps the individual by coordinating early diagnosis screenings, understanding treatment plans, connecting people with support groups and assistive services like the HUGS program; the QuitDoc Foundation is striving to stop the cancer problem from ever happening. We do this by reducing the #1 controllable behavior that will prevent cancer: Tobacco Use. Many of QuitDoc Foundation’s programs are aimed at working with youth where, through education and prevention efforts, we can prevent tobacco use for the next generation.

The Cancer Alliance was invited to the local Chamber of Commerce to present on their mission. QuitDoc Foundation was featured as the main speaker, focusing on Lung Cancer prevention and screening. We also shared our on-going youth projects like Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT), the Tobacco Free Partnership of Marion County (TFP), and the Be A Tobacco Free Influence Program partnered with Marion County Hospital District. As part of the presentation, guests got to sit in on a piece of the Be A Tobacco Free Influence educational series featuring a demonstration of the lungs at work.


In addition to youth empowerment and prevention, the tobacco prevention program aims to prevent secondhand smoke exposure by assisting in tobacco free policies in public housing, parks, restaurants, churches, and other public use areas. The QuitDoc Foundation’s Health Advocates also assisted in the 2014 electronic cigarette ordinance in Marion County. Joining us in our efforts to reduce secondhand smoke exposure, the Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the TFP to update their tobacco policy to include electronic cigarettes in their 2 office locations in downtown Ocala.

The QuitDoc Foundation and the Tobacco Free Partnership of Marion County is excited to continue collaborating with CAMC and their remarkable efforts to support the health of Marion County residents!


If you would like more information on the QuitDoc Foundation, or the Tobacco Prevention Program, please contact Health Advocate Sarah Damien at or Tobacco Prevention Specialist Lauren Fischer at 352.598.8241 or