More Marion County Businesses are Supporting Tobacco Free Worksites
December 7, 2017

Tobacco Free Worksites are one of the healthiest places for any staff to complete their daily jobs. They encourage more time away from tobacco use, and provide an irreplaceable support system from their management. The Tobacco Free Partnership of Marion County works to support any existing worksite policies, and creating environments to normalize tobacco free policies in the workplace.

The Florida Fall Feast was the highlight event for normalizing tobacco free environments in the workplace, and Jenkins Auto Group is one of the Marion County worksites with decreasing employee tobacco use thanks to their tobacco free policy.

The Florida Fall Feast is one of the best attended events in the county, and has been sponsored by the TFP (Tobacco Free Partnership) for some years. The majority of attendees represent the blue-collar workforce, and decision makers at local businesses. This year, the event took a turn for the best. Not only was the TFP represented on every single table, but also all along the fence line, near the bathrooms, and entrances. The event coordinator encouraged the distribution of the TFP labeled toothpicks, and “Tobacco Free Event” signage to prominently be displayed.  This is a huge step forward for this event; potentially clearing the way for a signed policy for next year. Many of the attendees took notice of the TFP for the first time because of the table toothpicks, while also realizing the event was tobacco free.

While promoting tobacco free worksites at an event, many decision makers will contemplate the decision to provide their employees with safer and healthier environments. However, the act of putting a policy into place is quite a different story. It requires, time, open mindedness, and above all dedication to positive outcomes. The Jenkins Auto Group is a prime example of these disciplines for implementation of a tobacco free policy. The Human Resources Director oversees multiple counties for the company, and is eager to provide the staff with resources, guidance, and interactive seminars. This year she opted to participate in the Great American Smoke Out. Both Marion and Clay counties were able to be there to assist employees in the decision to make a quit attempt, alongside those employees who have already made the decision since the policy was put in place with the assistance of the QuitDoc Foundation, the Tobacco Free Partnership of Marion County, and Measure Up Marion in 2015.

Tobacco Free policies, especially at worksites, can be intimidating, but the outcomes are good for employees, the business, and the community. The Jenkins Auto Group, lead organizers for the Florida Fall Feast, and the events attending decision makers are moving the entire community forward, and with that, tobacco free policies are on the way to becoming the expected norm.

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Lauren Walter · Tobacco Prevention Specialist · 352-359-5383 ·