Tobacco Free Partnership Supports Tobacco Free Policy at the Glo with the Flo 5k
August 26, 2017

Marion County has a wide variety of events throughout the year that organizations can sponsor and community members can participate. However, there is one of these that is different than any other event that the county offers, and it’s the Glo with the Flo 5k.

The race begins in downtown Ocala, runs through the historic neighborhoods, and finishes at Citizen’s Circle, a hub for music, art, and entertainment. It is not because it is a 5k that makes this event special, or even its route, but rather when and what is included. It is one of the very few evening 5k’s, and participants literally light up the streets while they run. Glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow in the dark clothes and paint, if it glows the runners wear it.

It opens with festive music, chalk art, local youth performances, and then leads into a dance stretch routine for the audience to follow along before beginning the race. After the race, there are more performances by youth and an awards ceremony. Local venders may set up to share information, offer food or swag, and be a part of all the event has to offer.

This year, the event was proud to promote the Tobacco Free Partnership, and that the race and all its festivities is a tobacco free event. Signs were placed in several locations in Citizen’s Circle to remind event goers of this policy. A tobacco free event policy was also signed by the hosting organization.

If you enjoy 5k’s, and don’t mind running at dusk; then the Glo with the Flo race is one you absolutely must try. It’s fun, entertaining, and a one of a kind illuminating experience. To top it off it’s also tobacco free; so you can breathe easy.


If you would like more information on the Tobacco Fre e Partnership, or the QuitDoc Foundation, please contact the Marion County Tobacco Prevention Specialist Lauren Walter at 352.598.8241 or