Manette Cheshareck will Coordinate Youth Tobacco Intervention and Cessation Programs in Marion County
July 2, 2016

Manette Cheshareck has been selected to run QuitDoc’s “TIPS 2 Quit” and “Student Tobacco Awareness and Treatment (STAT)” programs in Marion County. QuitDoc received funding through a Marion County Hospital District grant to provide these programs to youth at risk for using tobacco and underage minors cited for using tobacco at school or in the community. 

The “TIPS 2 Quit” program is a rotating series of workshops designed to provide information of the health risks of tobacco use, as well as the marketing tactics used by the tobacco industry to encourage underage tobacco use.


The “STAT” program is a youth tobacco cessation program designed for students who are willing to attempt to quit using tobacco.  Both programs are provided free-of-charge to youth throughout Marion County.

  Ms. Cheshareck joined QuitDoc Foundation in 2012 as the Marion County Tobacco Prevention Specialist (TPS), serving as the primary contact and lead for the Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida grant funded activities throughout Marion for four years.  As of July 1, 2016, she made the decision to take over as Program Manager for the Marion County Hospital District grant funded program “Live Tobacco Free—Adolescent Tobacco Intervention and Cessation Program”, or better known as TIPS 2 Quit. This project is a perfect fit for Manette, combining her passions of health education training and outreach, as well as tobacco cessation. TIPS 2 Quit is unique in that it provides tobacco education and intervention for youth aged 12-17 and has a second component providing in-person youth tobacco cessation classes. There is a lack of quality youth tobacco intervention and cessation programming available, and this project has allowed QuitDoc Foundation to bring its youth tobacco programming to Marion County.

Ms. Cheshareck has over 12 years of tobacco cessation and education experience, and as a former high school (Plainfield, IL) and collegiate Track and Field coach (Louisville, Tulane), UF Lady Gator athlete, and Illinois prep All Star athlete, has been a life-long health and wellness advocate.

Prior to QuitDoc Foundation, she worked for just under 5 years as a Tobacco Cessation Specialist with Suwannee River Area Health Education Center (SRAHEC) where she oversaw and provided tobacco cessation and health professional education outreach to her four assigned counties (including Marion) and assisted with services in 8 other counties. During her time with SRAHEC, Manette became the leading tobacco cessation specialist and helped to train many co-workers and interns on in-the-field tobacco cessation and education methods and practices and helped to create many of the CE/CME educational presentations used throughout the 12 county service area.  She always received top reviews from healthcare professionals and students who attended her educational presentations.

As a Health Education Specialist at Alachua and Marion County Health Departments from 2004-2007, Manette saw first-hand the struggles with connecting people to much needed education and services. In 2012, she jumped at the chance to join QuitDoc Foundation after working side-by-side with them in the community as an AHEC employee.  During her years as the Marion County TPS, she established a strong network of partners and is considered a “go-to” person for finding and providing tobacco and health related resources to other partners as well as the community.

Ms. Cheshareck holds a BA in English with a Minor in German Language and Culture from the University of Florida, and received a Master’s in Public Health Certificate from UF in 2008.  She received and maintains her Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS) certification from Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (formerly called the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey).
In her spare time, Ms. Cheshareck enjoys spending time with her partner, dogs, cats, and horse named Shantih.

For more information on the "TIPS 2 Quit" and "STAT" programs, contact Ms. Cheshareck at