Introducing Lauren Walter as the New Tobacco Prevention Specialist in Marion County
July 1, 2016

Please join the QuitDoc Foundation in welcoming Lauren Walter as the new Tobacco Prevention Specialist (TPS) in Marion County. The TPS represents The Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida locally through its partnership with the community as the facilitator of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Marion County. By maintaining this service in the community, Marion county residents, decision makers, and stakeholders are able to stay informed about changes in the state, county, and city relating to tobacco policies, use, and progress towards greater tobacco knowledge among the public and youth.

Additionally, the TPS coordinates with schools and community organizations to establish SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco) Clubs for youth. This program works to increase knowledge, action and empowerment among local youth to impact youth tobacco use rates and alter the social norming of tobacco use. Finally, along with other QuitDoc Foundation employees of Marion County, the TPS aims to assist in policy change for workplaces, multi housing units, and now faith based communities who request to integrate tobacco free policies at their locations.



  Lauren was born and raised in Marion County, venturing to other parts of Florida to receive an education, and then returned to Marion County to begin her career. While working as the Education Director for the Marion County Boys & Girls Club, she started part time with QuitDoc Foundation in 2014 as the Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) Coordinator. She later began working on a different QuitDoc Foundation Project called Measure Up Marion assisting public places to establish tobacco free environments. As the new Tobacco Prevention Specialist, she intends to continue working on tobacco free environments in public places. However, she is most passionate about reaching out to the youth in the community to raise awareness concerning the dangers of tobacco, and to empower them to take a stand against the companies that target them as replacements. Many experts, including the National Institutes of Health, suggest that tobacco is a gateway drug; therefore more harmful with regard to future drug use and behaviors than previously believed. As a former teen and young adult smoker, Lauren is now a strong advocate for young people urging them to see through the marketing manipulations, and to never succumb to the traps which lead to picking up the harmful habit.

We at the QuitDoc Foundation are excited to see her development through the past few years. She is eager and equipped to take on the challenges that come with this transition and the subject of tobacco use and prevent.

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