A Healthier Community at Paddock Place
Tobacco Free Outdoor Amenities Make for a Healthier Lifestyle at Local Apartment Complex.
November 18, 2015

Paddock Place Apartments has always championed their residents by striving to provide comfortable homes, quality amenities, value-added services and a strong sense of community. In 2014, Paddock Place was awarded the Community of the Year Award by the North Central Florida Apartment Association, and in 2015 the community earned Ocala Style Magazine’s Best of Ocala Award.

When Measure Up Marion partners approached Property Manager Diana Sperring about converting their outdoor amenities to tobacco free grounds she responded, “This is just the thing we need.” The new policy covers all outdoor amenities and common spaces including: the swimming pool and sun deck, the tennis courts, the picnic and grill pavilion, as well as the on-site laundry facilities.

Paddock Place

The change to tobacco free amenities is a positive move for Paddock Place, ensuring all residents may enjoy the recreational areas within the community without exposure to second-hand smoke or unsightly tobacco litter.

Sperring hopes the new policy and signage help to encourage healthy lifestyles for the residents at Paddock Place, “We want to safeguard the health of our residents and their families while also keeping the award winning atmosphere at Paddock Place going strong.”

Paddock Place

For more information about creating tobacco free policies for your home or business in Marion County, contact Sarah Damien at SDamien@QuitDoc.com.


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