The Freshest Grounds are Tobacco Free!
September 10, 2015

It is no secret that most restaurants are tobacco free inside, but just outside the doors has become the new place for using tobacco and nicotine devices like e-cigarettes. The QuitDoc Foundation staff on the Measure Up Marion project have been working with restaurant owners for the past few months to extinguish the smoke and vapor from restaurant entrances and patios.

Cafe Havana

It is with great pleasure to announce the first successful partnership is with a locally owned Cuban and coffee establishment, Cafe Havana which has recently signed a tobacco free grounds policy. Congratulations to the owners Luis and Laura for leading the way on this up and coming tobacco free grounds movement! You can visit Cafe Havana Monday through Friday from 7:30am – 4pm at 923 N Magnolia Ave in Ocala to congratulate their decision and to try the best café con leche in town.

Cafe Havana has also been nominated for the best locally owned restaurant by Ocala Magazine; please show your support by taking the survey and voting for Cafe Havana!

To recommend a restaurant to partner with Measure Up Marion please contact Lauren Walter at or (352)359-5383