Mission: Not Impossible for Live Smoke Free Workgroup
September 2 , 2015

Marion County is undertaking a grand mission: the conversion of local multi-unit housing to 100% tobacco free grounds. To help move this initiative forward, QuitDoc Foundation has formed a team of residents to take up the mantle for smoke free housing.

The workgroup is taking a grassroots and boots approach towards community support: a door to door educational campaign which focuses on community health and safety. Residents work alongside managers, daughters alongside fathers, health specialists alongside the sick to spread the message: tobacco free is the way to be.

Live Smoke Free Work Group
Live Smoke Free ™ works to educate, inspire and support residents of
multi-unit housing to achieve greater health and safety in their community.

In a two pronged approach, QuitDoc Foundation reaches out to apartment managers while Live Smoke Free Workgroup members reach out to residents, both sharing educational materials and creating a community dialog about the change. Residents should be formally educated about the dangers of second and third hand smoke exposure to create more of a demand for tobacco free housing. Presenting the realistic dangers will encourage more residents to speak up about their desire for change.

To date, volunteers have distributed 795 Three Ways to Quit Pamphlets and 125 Tobacco Free Housing Rack Cards to 5 different locations (Ocala Housing Authority, Fort King Villas, Victoria’s Villas, Rainbow Gardens Apartments, Evangeline Booth Garden Apartments).

For more information on the Live Smoke Free initiative, contact Sarah Damien at SDamien@QuitDoc.com.