There are More Smoke-Free Housing Options in Marion County!
July 17 , 2015

On May 18, 2015 residents of Rainbow Gardens Apartments in Dunnellon, Florida were sent notice by management of a brand new health measure taking effect in their new lease year.

Beginning August 2015, Rainbow Gardens will be going Tobacco Free! Property Manager Persie Folden said in a letter to residents that their priority is “…to have a healthier and safer environment for families and guests.” Outlining the hazards of secondhand smoke, fire risk, and health of their tenants explained the change.

The changes will include banning smoking from all units and common areas, as well as no smoking within 25 feet of doors, patios, breezeways, laundry rooms and offices. In total, 36 units with single renter and family unit options will be affected.

Rainbow Gardens

To aid with the transition, QuitDoc connected the Property Manager to free tobacco cessation classes which they hosted at their facility. To create a strong support network, the cessation program invited residents as well as their families and friends to participate. At the completion of the program on July 14, 2015, eight graduates left with skills and coping mechanisms to aid them in their efforts to overcome their habits and addiction to nicotine. Classes will be ongoing at the discretion of the property manager.
The Regional Manager for Hallmark Management, Inc. was in attendance at the initial presentation to tenants and staff and requested more information and assistance with making all of their properties tobacco free.

Congratulations Rainbow Gardens Apartments!