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Reddick Town Council in Marion County passes a Candy Flavored Tobacco Resolution
June 5 , 2014

The Tobacco Free Partnership and SWAT Club of Marion County are happy to announce that the Town of Reddick in Marion County unanimously passed a Candy Flavored Tobacco (CFT) resolution on Thursday, June 5th at their monthly Town Council meeting. 

This process started in 2013, with SWAT students from Fort King Middle School who attended the December Reddick Town Council meeting and helped to educate the Council members about flavored tobacco advertising and product placement, as well as the many flavors used to entice youth to try tobacco.  One youth also shared her grandmother’s history of chronic illnesses due to tobacco use as a reason for trying to help other youth avoid becoming addicted to nicotine found in tobacco products. Many flavored tobacco products are considered “starter products” for new users. 

After a few more visits from SWAT members and Tobacco Free Partnership representatives, the Town Council was ready to make a decision. 

The passing of a Candy Flavored Tobacco resolution in the Town of Reddick brings Marion County one step closer to having all of its municipalities represented on the Department of Health’s map of Florida which depicts existing CFT resolutions across the state. 

Flavored Tobacco Samples

The unanimous passage of this CFT resolution is a gesture that shows the Reddick Town Council has an understanding of tobacco industry tactics to encourage tobacco use in youth by using flavored tobacco and taking is taking a stand against them.

Reddick, Florida 

Thank you to Mayor Stroup and the Town Council for allowing the SWAT youth and Tobacco Free Partnership members to participate in their municipal meetings and for being so supportive!

For more information on the work of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Marion County, contact Manette Cheshareck at