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The Tobacco Free Partnership of Marion County Celebrates the Annual Great American Smokeout
November 21, 2013

The Great American Smokeout (GASO) was celebrated in Marion County this year by local businesses large and small. Thousands of employees, their families, and loved ones received free tobacco cessation resources as a result.  The Tobacco Free Partnership of Marion County provided hardcopy GASO postcards, posters, e-cards, and pens for sharing with their employees and work site visitors. 

GASO Postcard

The work sites promoting GASO included ClosetMaid, the Marion County Board of County Commissioners, the Marion County Public School District, The Windsor of Ocala, Interfaith Emergency Services, Lake Weir High School, Ocala Regional Medical Center, Munroe Regional Medical Center, and RBOI (Robert Boissoneault Oncology Institute).

These work sites have been very active in promoting tobacco cessation and tobacco free policies at their locations.  This is a mutual benefit as the employees and their families receive free access to tobacco cessation resources and materials, and the employers save money by reducing health care costs as employees are able to incorporate tobacco free lifestyle practices into their daily routines and reap the health benefits.

GASO Tables

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Marion County (TFP) and Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) also hosted tables at the inaugural “Fall Celebration” hosted by the Marion County Board of County Commissioners’ Wellness Program, where the Health and Wellness Coordinator handed out rewards to employees who earned them through active participation in the program.  The TFP Facilitator, who is a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, was on hand to offer tobacco cessation information to attendees.

SWAT students with the new Lake Weir High School SWAT Club participated by putting GASO postcards and Tobacco Free Partnership pens in every teacher’s mail box the day of the event.

Ann Stermer, the Occupational Health Nurse at ClosetMaid, a large manufacturing employer in Ocala, said, “ClosetMaid is committed to the health and safety of its employees.  In an ongoing effort to create a more healthy work environment, ClosetMaid has decided to establish a tobacco free campus by October 2014.  The company will be sponsoring tobacco cessation classes as well as utilizing the Great American Smoke Out as stepping stones towards reaching this goal.”

For more information about the Tobacco Free Partnership of Marion County and Students Working Against Tobacco, go to our web site or the Facebook pages of the Tobacco Free Partnership and SWAT.